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URGENT NEED: Girls' Education in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. In the midst of this, girls are going ‘back to school.' The government has allowed girls to return to the classroom but they are restricted to gender specific schools. The girls are returning to their education with much uncertainty, fear, and risk, but they do so because they want to keep learning. Many of the “schools'' are makeshift; they are tents set up to be classrooms in internally displaced persons camps with little shelter from harsh weather or harassment. There is a high demand for female teachers to teach the girls.

Our Local Hero in the region is working tirelessly to protect girls’ rights to education. Utilizing a network of community organizations, we are working closely with him to cut through the red tape and get supplies to girls and their teachers as quickly as possible. We need your help to ensure these young girls continue to get the education they deserve. Time is of the essence, and every single dollar will have an incredible impact on the Afghan girls we can reach.



$6 can supply a student with school supplies for the year.

Our Local Hero has the ability to reach 12,500 girls in the region.

$96 can give one month of support to an orphan girl wandering the streets.

This would supply food, clothing and education costs, and the child will be placed with found relatives or at last resort, an orphanage.

$120 can pay a month’s salary to a female teacher for 30 girl students.

In order to establish girls’ schools in the southern region of Afghanistan, female teachers are desperately needed.


Thank you for continuing to support, and making it possible to respond to the most urgent needs of children as they arise.