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Ukrainian and Nepalese mothers need our help this Mother's Day

Due to the recent influx of Ukrainian refugees flooding into San Diego, we are expanding our Mother’s Day Campaign to include support for mothers and children arriving at the US/Tijuana border, in addition to helping innocent children living in Nepalese prisons with their incarcerated mothers.


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine close to 5 million Ukrainian refugees have fled. Some of these families choose to stay in Europe, and others fly to the US/Mexico border to claim asylum in the United States. GO Local Heroes Mark and Jules are at the border near San Diego, helping families arriving daily…getting them hot food, clothing, diapers, and most importantly, seeing that they are safely transported to their family and hosts all over the United States.

Right now, funds are desperately needed to provide hotel rooms, hot meals, train/airline tickets, and ride shares.

Please note: Faces have been blurred to protect the identities of the mothers and children residing in the prisons.


Pushpa Basnet is a GO Campaign Local Hero, a CNN Hero, and the only recipient of the CNN SuperHero Award. And this Mother's Day, she needs your help. 

By donating between now and May 8th, you will help Pushpa and her team distribute Butterfly Boxes to prisons across Nepal, providing the children residing there with their mothers the resources they need to hit educational and developmental milestones.