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George Mayalla is the Senior Legal Advisor at First Eye Limited. He is also the founder and Project Director of Jukwaa La Sheria, a program of First Eye Limited focused on legal rights of children. He envisions that his work will help improve school, radio, and media outreach as a way to impact and teach more children and their families about their legal rights. This way, children will lead better lives for the public good now and as they become adults and leaders within their own communities. In addition to his work with First Eye Limited, George is an activist for human rights protection. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Law, and he draws on his previous experience in journalism, radio, social leadership, and law to strengthen his knowledge and advocacy efforts for the children of Tanzania.

Since 2002, First Eye Limited has been fighting for human rights and providing services to protect and empower vulnerable communities. Its Jukwaa La Sharia program has been running since 2012, and has been a powerful tool in mobilizing the community towards better human rights for all. First Eye Limited has developed partnerships with 50 area schools, and are ready to bring their legal advocacy work into the classroom to teach the students about their rights and responsibilities.