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Investing in Local Heroes to deliver Local Solutions

History has shown that the most effective way to fight poverty and make a difference in the lives of children is through small grants to grassroots organizations

-that’s what GO Campaign does best.

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Make the most of your donation to GO Campaign before 12/31!

Another unforgettable evening that will bring opportunity to children around the world.

Girls in Afghanistan are going ‘back to school' in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. We are working closely with our Local Hero to cut through the red tape and get supplies to girls and their teachers as quickly as possible.

Students helping students alert! In celebration of World Humanitarian Day, GO's Youth Advisory Board just raised nearly $7,500 for SOM Chess Academy in Uganda to purchase a truck!

  • “I am not interested in making a little noise, I want to change the paradigm.”

    Neema Namadamu

    Local Hero, Democratic Republic of Congo