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Investing in Local Heroes to deliver Local Solutions

History has shown that the most effective way to fight poverty and make a difference in the lives of children is through small grants to grassroots organizations

-that’s what GO Campaign does best.

Join a special group of supporters dedicated to the future of GO Campaign. Your thoughtful decision inspires us as we continue striving for positive change.

Enjoy a pint of delicious Doughy vegan cookie dough and part of your purchase goes straight to GO’s work supporting the health and nutrition of youth. As a cherry on top, round up your purchase to top off your impact!

Learn more about how you can strengthen your impact by becoming a member of the Do-GOoders family today!

These female teachers and their students in Afghanistan need your help to go back to school.

  • “I am not interested in making a little noise, I want to change the paradigm.”

    Neema Namadamu

    Local Hero, Democratic Republic of Congo

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