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Hundreds of thousands are still at risk in India's third wave of Covid-19.

We have been speaking with our Local Heroes on the ground in India, including a Zoom call with two of them to which we invited our most recent India donors. They are of course grateful to all of you who have already donated to our India Urgent Need Fund. The funds raised so far have provided desperately needed food and medical care to the families and children in Dharavi and surrounding areas, and we are about to wire funds to the Lucknow region that will provide thousands of children and families with immunity booster kits, food rations, oximeters, and more. However, our Local Heroes throughout the country informed us that they are not out of the woods.

Experts predict that the pending third wave of the virus will be the worst, leaving children the most vulnerable. Moreover, the upcoming Monsoon season not only brings torrential rain and inclement weather, but higher risks of Malaria and fever, and children are particularly susceptible.

We still need your support! We received first-hand accounts of how many children have already lost one or both parents in the first and second waves of the virus. We are continuing our efforts to keep the children of India healthy and safe thanks to your support and the support of our Ambassadors, Lily Collins, Robert Pattinson and Ewan McGregor, our Changemakers and media outlets like The Hollywood Reporter, People, and Variety for sharing our “direct and immediate” “no red tape” “grassroots” efforts. Check out the Scott Fifer's interview in The Argonaut to learn more about our work in India.

Your donations are:

  • Feeding families in India’s largest slum of Dharavi
  • Providing PPE for children and families throughout the country
  • Providing food for a young women’s embroidery collective in Lucknow on the verge of starvation due to the shutdown
  • Protecting five Banjara communities in Jaipur from Covid by providing food, daily health checks, homeschooling for children so they can continue their education, access to vaccinations, etc.

Every dollar had a HUGE impact - thank you for helping us protect the children and families of India.

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