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GO Campaign Blog

Girls in Afghanistan are going ‘back to school' in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. We are working closely with our Local Hero to cut through the red tape and get supplies to girls and their teachers as quickly as possible.

Students helping students alert! In celebration of World Humanitarian Day, GO's Youth Advisory Board just raised nearly $7,500 for SOM Chess Academy in Uganda to purchase a truck!

'The House that Twilight Built’, the housing gave underprivileged young women in LHA’s Program Advancing Girls’ Education (PAGE) the opportunity to finish high school and pursue their education, careers, and even more opportunities.

The GO Campaign Volunteer Youth Advisory Board brings together young visionaries who care about the world we live in and want to make a positive change in their communities and around the world.

GO Campaign grant helps 150 young moms and their kids in Southern California though Covid-19.

Scott shares inspiring stories of Local Heroes improving the lives of vulnerable children about the world, and what it takes to create positive change in your community.

GO Campaign is more than a grant-making organization. We are here to listen to and learn from our Local Heroes about what is needed to change the world by giving children the opportunities they deserve.

Local Hero Sam Prater's work housing homeless students in Los Angeles is featured in this month's O Magazine!

The incredible donation will enable GO Local Hero Jennifer Maddox to build a new center for youth and their families.

GO Campaign is in contact with Local Heroes on the ground across India to bring immediate relief to children and families.

GO Campaign welcomes Twinspire it's newest partner, continuing to help address racial injustice for vulnerable youth across the US.

Go Campaign is making an impact in communities all across Los Angeles and Southern California.

Our donors are making it possible for us to continue responding immediately to some of our Local Heroes’ most pressing needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

We have been busy the past few days, responding to critical needs during this crisis. We realize we owe it all to you, and felt you deserved an update on what you are making possible. Your past generosity has made it possible for us to respond immediately to some of our Local Heroes’ most pressing needs, doing our part to ensure the health and safety of thousands of children.