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Our Local Heroes are passionate and committed individuals working relentlessly to achieve their goals, many without any formal training in nonprofit management. Nonprofits are businesses. There are skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the long-term health of these organizations. Capacity building is not just about ensuring program goals are met during the grant period -- it's about developing Local Heroes’ abilities to deliver their mission effectively now, and in the future.

Currently, every GO Campaign grantee receives the following capacity building support:

  • Grant application assistance to ensure their application for GO funding fits within our perimeters and has the best chance of success to receive a grant
  • Support, guidance, and constructive feedback regarding grant application and reporting requirements
  • Introduction to other GO Campaign partners working in the same region or issue area

When opportunities arise, grantees may receive additional services such as:

  • Sponsorship to professional development workshops
  • Site visits to observe partners’ work in the field, talking to staff, and strategizing with Local Heroes and their teams regarding organizational priorities
  • Sharing resources regarding other funding opportunities, nonprofit management resources, and professional development when available
  • Support in developing their sustainability plan to help Local Heroes successfully scale their work and expand their high-quality programs to reach even more vulnerable children in their community


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