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GO Local Hero Issa and his team are already far into a project funded by GO last December. They are renovating and expanding upon their emergency shelter for talibé youth at Maison de la Gare’s center in Saint Louis, Senegal.

Our Local Hero Mama Grace at KIWOCE in Kilimahewa, Tanzania shared some exciting updates, straight from their computer lab in building constructed by GO Campaign!

Local Hero Maria Gonzalez is taking Pride in Truth to the next level, with programs currently serving nearly 100 youth!

LCL is now fulfilling a vital role beyond its core mission as a library in the Congo and have become the sole source of clean drinking water for the surrounding area. This is a critical resource for thousands of families displaced by conflict north of Goma.

In the past year, GO Local Hero Brenda Shuma at the Gabriella Centre has made a significant impact on the lives of 566 youth with disabilities, providing essential services, support, and long and short term care!

New Local Hero Charlie Young has hit the ground running after receiving his first GO grant.

Progress report! Local Hero Juan Pablo and the team at El Patojismo shared their progress on the new urban garden funded by a GO grant in October. The garden will be managed by culinary students at El Patojismo and will provide food for the entire school!

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