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Covid-19 Emergency Grant Updates

Thanks to our incredible community of donors, GO Campaign has provided over$220,000 in Emergency Grants to our partners on the frontlines of the pandemic, helping them give children and their families access to food, health care and educational resources. Here is a sample of what some of our grants have accomplished:

In the United States:

  • Provided computers to a tutoring program in LA so it could continue to support over 70 LAUSD students struggling with distance learning
  • Created two safe zones so the children in Watts have the access to their online classes, mental health services, and academic tutoring so they do not fall behind this school year
  • Provided 190 families in Watts with groceries for five months during the stay-at-home orders
  • Kept families safe by providing COVID-19 related safety equipment and sanitizing supplies to families on Chicago's Southside
  • Provided essential supplies, wellness checks, and necessities to over 160 youth in Brooklyn impacted by COVID-19
  • Provided facemasks, hygiene supplies, and school supplies to hundreds of children across LA so they can excel in distance learning
  • Provided formula, diapers, baby supplies, and support to over 80 teen mothers throughout LA and Orange County who were affected by the pandemic
  • Launched a telehealth mental health program so vulnerable youth would still have access to counseling and support during the COVID stay-at-home orders
  • Bridged the technology gap by providing Chromebooks and internet for refugee girls in Chicago and Austin to attend summer camp virtually
  • Ensured teens had access to internet, tablets, and other online learning tools to proceed with summer programming safely

Around the World

  • Provided food packets to hundreds of hungry families in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum whose income was affected by COVID-19
  • Provided 600 face masks so vulnerable children in Kenya could comply with government restrictions during COVID and provided 40 families with one month of food and supplies
  • Fed 2,500 street children with nutritious meals in Senegal during the government lockdown
  • Provided food and hygiene supplies for 238 children living in a leper community in Tanzania and ensured the local health clinic had medicine and supplies to provide quality care to patients
  • Provided food and support to 179 children in London during the stay-at-home orders, and provided virtual programming and opportunities for over 500 UK children to stay connected and active
  • Provided 63 orphans and 40 families with food, provided hand sanitizer to hundreds of students, and provided 600+ facemasks during the stay-at-home orders in Kenya
  • Enabled a community based organization to continue administrating to the needs of vulnerable children in Katwe during the COVID pandemic
  • Provided 50 families in Ethiopia with one month of food and supplies during the government lockdown period for COVID
  • Provided groceries to families in Jocotenango, Guatemala and surrounding villages who lost income due to COVID-19 lockdown

Together we’re doing our part to ensure the health and safety of thousands of children around the world. We owe it all to you, and our work is not done

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