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Update from Tanzania!

Our Local Hero Mama Grace at KIWOCE in Kilimahewa, Tanzania shared some exciting updates, straight from their computer lab in building constructed by GO Campaign! They currently have 112 students - some coming from very tough families far away or from an orphanage center. They restarted their computer training for high school graduates, a program which had been on pause due to Covid.

Kilimahewa's vegetable garden and greenhouse are currently producing spinach, papaya, cabbage, and bananas. AND in an effort to plant as many trees as possible - students are now planting trees at center and at home - and birthdays are even being celebrated with a tree instead of a birthday cake!

Mama Grace is an incredible force and guiding light for the youth in and around Kilimahewa, and we are so grateful to be a part of their story! Stay tined for more updates!

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