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Dianna Smiley, Founder and Executive Director of Generation Her, first felt the pull to work with teen moms when she was just a teenager herself. One of her best friends found herself pregnant and Dianna witnessed how her life changed instantly. There were many people who were quick to judge her friend’s circumstances. At the time she wasn’t sure how to respond but after working as youth pastor, it became evident that she could have a direct impact. She started by developing a curriculum that would provide young mothers with the tools needed to raise healthy, happy babies while taking care of their own needs. 

This would soon evolve into a weekly class where she could shower the girls with gifts, love and education. Young mothers and their babies loved coming to class each week. Many found hope in the classes Dianna taught, they found self-worth and a way to care for their own children. Dianna’s first class started in Los Angeles and soon grow to locations in Pasadena, Pomona, and Montebello. Each week Dianna lugs gifts, food, and necessities to meetings to give to the ladies. Each class is structured to teach topics of relevance to teen moms and partner them with mentors who help guide them as they learn self-care, set goals and raise their children. Since the inception of Generation Her, 700 young ladies have benefitted from the program. 97% of mom’s who regularly participate in weekly classes have graduated from high school. Dianna Smiley is a Southern California native. She is a graduate from Biola University and is a wife and mother to two children of her own. She was recently recognized as the “She Shifts Culture Woman of 2018”.

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