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Lumumba Children's Library Takes Shape and Provides Clean Drinking Water to the Region

The future is bright for the Lumumba Children's Library (LCL)! Thre has been significant progress on the library's construction. The building is taking shape quickly, but the good news doesn't stop there! 

LCL is now fulfilling a vital role beyond its core mission as a library in the Congo and have become the sole source of clean drinking water for the surrounding area. This is a critical resource for thousands of families displaced by conflict north of Goma. LCL boasts a special pump system that draws water over 1,800 meters from Lake Kivu to their site. There, the water undergoes a safe and thorough filtration process before being distributed.

Previously, children in Goma faced a harsh reality. They often missed valuable school time collecting unhygienic water from the lake, a process they had to repeat several times a day for their families. Additionally, this water required boiling, further consuming precious time.

LCL's new water access program changes everything. Now, children can visit the library with their familiar yellow jerrycans. Once the library's construction is complete, children can take part in enriching programs and return home with clean, safe drinking water for their entire family. This not only improves their overall health but also allows them to dedicate more time to their education.

Spread the Good News! Go grant directly impacting the lives of children in Goma by providing them with not only a place to learn and grow but also access to this vital resource. Stay tuned for further updates as LCL nears completion!

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