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#WeGOforRob :: Support GO in honor of Rob's 36th Birthday!

In honor of Robert Pattinson's 36th Birthday, Rob's fans are once again excited to launch this year's campaign to support GO's work Giving Opportunity to children around the world!

Since 2015, Rob has been a remarkable ambassador for GO and his millions of loyal fans around the world have become engrained in the GO Campaign community, changing the lives of thousands of children around the world!

We hope we can count on your once again this year! Every dollar makes a difference! 

If you would like to donate via PayPal:

  1. Log on to your personal account
  2. Click on “Pay or Send Money” on the right hand side
  3. Go to “Send Money to Family and Friends”
  4. Type in our GO Campaign donations email, donations@gocampaign.org
  5. Write a note to let us know that your donation should be allocated to Robert Pattinson’s 36th Birthday Campaign
  6. Click “Next” and on the final page click “Send Money”
  7. We will send you a TY letter!
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